Thursday, January 27, 2005

many years from now, do look back and smile-

hey there dear people. was thinking about bambam's most profound post, and realized how right he is- you guys have got something going that's too precious to lose. so do your utmost to keep taking care of it and each other, a process which will hopefully be greatly assisted by the upcoming *drumroll* o2! which shoujie and i will tell y'all about tmr morning whee look forward to another three good days of random games and lessonlessness and complete immersion in insanity, io'ren style; the two of us pledge to do our best to sneak out of lessons and lunch with you grinn. in the meantime, i shall leave you with a blog entry from the journal of my own og mate-here's a look at post-orientation, one year to the day; a perspective which i hope you too will one day share. love.


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