Thursday, January 27, 2005

remember we were always there for you- the dream came true.

--: seriously. my og amazes me. did anyone even think that we would still be active one year on from onite?of course we all hoped we would. or rather, could, given all the horror stories that our seniors told us ("my og disbanded like dunno how long ago", "it won't last, it's just a high" etc.) and their prophecies of doom did seem perilously close to becoming real when only 5 or 6 of us turned up for o2nite last year.but we still keep in contact, quite a few of us still meet everyday at our new ja'cozy, and we went for onite on friday! haha. me, bharath, jiawen, blee, grace, glen and yingliang stayed for half of the campfire - mark had maths tuition - then went to cafe cartel and ate and talked and laughed a lot. our og is still alive! haha.i should think we are the envy of some people. geri told me that she felt quite sad for the whole onite last year because she knew it wouldn't last. ileyas? we just has as much fun as possible, then ate at one of the ghim moh coffeeshops and vandalised the ja'tome, then a few of us felt reckless enough to go watch a midnight screening of school of rock. (i reached home at a quarter past three i think.)i wonder how many of the immense number of ogs this year will last as long as we have. i'll admit it, the core group of ileyas has beaten the odds. for how long?i choose not to think about it.lindy and nick can and should be proud of us. like i feel when i get the surprised look whenever i tell anyone that i have an og outing to go's times like this that you toss cynicism and pessimism to the back of your mind.


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