Tuesday, January 18, 2005

village sleeps.

hellohello oh my word natalie tan i love you the blog is AMAZING it might actually make me want to come online! which would truly be one of the most miraculous events of the last decade or so, so. hehh. :) heard about the chocolate dipped fruit assortment and the aborted attempt to fling your dearest ogl into the pool-pity, that. (the failure bit, that is.) who i incidentally feel like throttling now because as you will soon discover i have an aversion to singing in public- owell. after staying up to some awful time to complete my cold war essay which is trundling along at a decidedly dismal place, what is embarassing myself in front of only about a gabazillion people? she pauses to ponder- i’ll get back to you on that. till tomorrow, then. pleasant repose, little people. village sleeps.


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