Wednesday, February 09, 2005

post more

guys...we need to post more...cant let this die out k...tink everyone has been quite busy in the past week...but i hope u guys will still post sia..thou i noe i dun post quite bad at all this...i onli login daily to check things out.hope i can see more stuff frm u guys..always nice to hear frm ioren.

and btw..HAPPY CNY to u all...cant wait to go gambling later...though im still suffering from the aftershock of being owned by 2 small kids at mahjong on sat...

guess wad else...i haf successfully got to the bottom of my class in my math quiz...kinda expected..since im so dumb as to even read qns wrongly.oh wells...1st 3 months is just to play arnd rite..hope i can stay in rjc sia...esp wif all of u guys arnd.

ok..dats all...enjoy ur 5 day holiday..i tink i got like 10 pple frm cjc hu want mi dead coz i get friday off.and ive been rubbing it in to them


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