Sunday, February 20, 2005

what a difference a day makes.

evening to one and all.
heres what i learnt today :

- today my second cousins came over to visit. My family took out lotsa titbits...the whole works... and i found this curious looking plastic instrument. It is red. It opens kwa ji (the seed thingies which u normally open with your teeth). I was amused.

- i have an inner jumping roper. i know that after "teddy bear teddy bear turn around" is "teddy bear teddy bear touch the ground". sometimes i scare myself.

- was reading and i considered the similarity between "time" and "space". i realise that both are dynamic in the sense that time is ever changing and the universe is ever expanding. (see the big bang) So like... when u think that u're not going anywhere. you actually are. In two dimensions too. whoa. headache.


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