Saturday, March 19, 2005

Lunch! (And movie..?)

lunch yesterday was a highly amusing affair with just *coughs 4 people turning up.

the movie was even cooler because kevineugenepengandbrandon were the only ones who were going to watch spongebob (eugene as usual was whining-) and then brandon decided that he couldn't watch, and spongebob was sold out; so it turned out to be kevineugenepeng watching heffalump hahaha eugene was complaining like mad that it was 'damn gay'

and we concluded eugene likes bright things because he's always wearing either bright orange (t-shirt, yesterday), lime green (shoes), or some other quirky colour.

and NAT TAN IS MOVING TO BISHAN! so we can crash her place even though she insists it's small and all.

and o2 is probably after the j2 commontests, so ruth and i can crash orientation hehheh joella suggested camping overnight and playing funny games so charmaine (when she returns from m'sia) will have to get us tents so we can sit in the middle of the field. ;D


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