Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Loser Train Stories

I forgot to alight at Raffles place today. I was taking the train home with my classmate and some of her OG mates. All of them alighted and City Hall heading towards the East, while I was heading to the West, leaving me on the train by myself. I decided to get a seat after they dropped off, cos the train gets quite empty after City Hall. For some reason I started stoning on the chair and at Raffles Place I was just staring blankly. Brain not functioning. It didn't occur to me that it was my stop. Didn't get up even after the doors closed. Then as the train moved along it was quite empty. I was thinking to myself "Hmm. why is the train so empty?" WOAH. Then I realised I forgot to alight. Had to go back one stop. Then at Raffles Place I nearly forgot that coming back from the South you had to change platform to go to the West. Fortunately the train directly opposite just left as I alighted at the platform, otherwise I would have rushed onto it.

Oh well. Such exhausting journeys.

Checking with my junior what's going in rgs right now. Apparently all clubs are now merit CCAs, so you don't get points for it. There are only 5 secondary 1s this year. All the club CCAs are going to slowly fizzle out one by one. I don't understand why they like to place so much emphasis on sports CCAs in Rgs. It's not like you don't learn anything out of clubs. We've also been winning trophies for the school and if they're not happy with that I can go back and take back whatever trophies I've won. Oh, apparently fencing is a merit CCA also. Anyway I don't see why they need CCA points under the Raffles Programme.


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