Thursday, January 13, 2005

helllloooooo darlings...hope life's been treating you fine lately. i was so damn bored today lah...civics in e morning then a 4 hr break before chem. haha, i don't think i was e only one stoning in sch right. my snr walked up to our table n half complained that we study too hard cos everyone was so bored that they actly started doing tutorials. was damn happy to reach home at 1++ today(i have nv got home so early before even in sec sch) ...cos yest i reached home at abt 9?? had choir practice till abt 7(i really have to get used to this) n then we went for dinner...yada yada. seems tt e place is buzzing with pple going for auditions n discussions abt what ccas to join blah blah. in case you're thinking of sthing to join, JOIN CHOIR. its fun...really really really fun; which reminds me i'm supposed to do an obligatory advertisement. Wanna go for e MEP concert on Friday? haha. but yes yes...don't know how many cca's i'd join in e end...maybe i'll do another non core one or sthing, i really don't know.

is rj like the easiest sch arnd here to crash or sthing? seems no one ever throws e gatecrashers out here..while apparently vj n hc called e police or sthing to throw the pple out...which is kind of extreme i guess. i keep seeing my friends frm elsewhere walk ard e campus n apparently you just walk in through e gates n e security guard leaves you alone. HMM. what's that guy for then?? but at least rj is not tt extreme nicks had cameras that caught every single car that came in through e main gate. wait. the cars actually can't even come into e school compd. plus you've got to sign in at e counter. so parents n maids have to fill in like their names, ic nos. reasons they're there (having lunch/picking up kid/ no one ever fills in the real reason they're gossip with e other parents) n e time in n time out.

ohoh, which reminds me, they've recently taken to painting e sch building terrible terrible shades of colours that pink n green. its so so so gaudy...sigh. n the worse thing is i don't even know why they're painting it!! i think its going to undergo renovation in a few years! i nv told you abt e st nicks building right. its not you basically have to walk up then down then up again to get to the same level on the other building in e new extension. n when it rains, it pours. you could be walking out in e open or in the shelter n it wld make absolutely no diff. hmm. alright. i shan't keep going on n on at length abt nothing in particular n leave you with loads n loads of hugs n love...hahaha.

ps until i figure out how to change e settings to get my name in there instead of e word "non" i'll leave that ridiculous label there cos my dad wants e computer n i have no time to figure it out now...haha


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