Saturday, February 12, 2005

hmm. well. spent most of cny at home. lazing arnd actly. i visited my grandma's house only to find my darling relatives whom i only visit once a year didn't turn up this year. there we go. now i can't even brag that i see my relatives once a year. in a way it was a good thing. it meant i got to eat more. haha. and that's it. that's the only place i went! argh.

except today i went to the beach. we all should go there sometime. i love love love love the beach. the sun, sea, sand and waves. but now there're more campers. like everywhere. you wonder where they all come frm. but nvm that. cycled a bit, though my problem came when i had to make a u-turn. i can't turn. bleah. at least i can cycle?(straight lines only) i've got a terrible sense of balance. i can't skate either. hmm.

hope you guys are having fun!=)


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