Tuesday, January 25, 2005

im going to beat shou jie at blogging

hey again!
shou jie walks like a banana mehh? ok never noticed. maybe its because we walk too un-bananaish or something. do i walk funny? my sister always says i look like a tweety bird... though that has nothing to do with walking. hahah ah well.. im really bored and kinda tired. my hip hurts! ah and i DID make it to k'cove this morning :D not bad ehh?? i need to talk to everyone more though... i barely get to talk to zoe and joe anymore! ok.. humiliating/embarrassing event of the day: my friend and i were complaining about this guy in our class (who is really irritating) and we thought we were being safe about it cuz we were speaking in french.. totally forgot about aloysius who takes french too! (he was sitting beside us). hahah hope he doesnt blackmail us and tell the irritating guy we said he was incroyablement embetant :p
ok rant is over. see you all at the k'cove tmr !
love love love love love


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