Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Omg, this saturday is the aptitude test for SRP, and I
have yet to prepare! Not that there is much to. You can say I am a big mugger or
whatever but I am really keen to join SRP. (cause i heard form my cuz that it is

Does anyone have any ideas on the glider?

Mass OG chat is unsuccessful today, must be the
tutorials! Anyway, it seems like no one is interested in OG outing. Maybe we can
organise one after the results release, to celebrate that is! Hopefully,
everyone can make it to this one.  ( ICE SKATE and POOL and BOWLING )

Plz guys, don't let the blog, or even the group die
out, which seem to be happening! This is one group that rocked during
orientation and i mean it, so we should continue to rock for the next 2 years
and years to come, giving each other friendship and support. (especially during
the "o" level result release!) And remember to write on this blog

Enough of the talk, since I won't be adding an entry
soon, I am sincerely wishing all of you the best for the results, and



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