Monday, January 24, 2005

hey all!

heyy all..
nat is back!
major apologies for my poor attendance at the k'cove the past week. my poor pillow suffers from withdrawal symptoms every morning... you cant expect me to be cruel enough to extend its suffering, can you?
french+ballet is a draining combination. épuisée, i am!
lalala ill tryto make it to the k'cove tmr morning. no promises but i am going to sleep at a record 11.31 (tres early) and i should be able to make it...
really crapping now... miss all of you lots.. especially nat tan who has been an expert at hiding from me the past few days. where are you nat?? havent seen you in AGES. (1 age = 5.02458790 X10^26 minutes)
ok ill find you tmr or something :) love you ALL!


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