Wednesday, March 08, 2006

O2 - Part Nat.

Hello. So it is one year later - - a long time since we've last gotten together.

A lot of things have changed, a lot of us have changed.

I'm an OGL now. So's Xuefen. It's kinda different looking at things from an OGLs perspective. You kinda have to make sure that nobody's left out all the time and constantly look out for everybody. It's super tiring. Then you have to worry about how well they can bond togheter and how long they'll even last together. My OG's pretty diverse & it's rather challenging to keep them together on top of school/cca work as it already is. Well and O2 might probably have been the last time some of them will see the OG as it was for some of us in the OG. Well it is slightly easier in the sense that you have this special place in the OG- - all you have to do is to make it work. Harder than it sounds though.

I told my OG that their OG will always be special for them - cos it's the first group of people that you meet at RJ. That they'll always be there for you, if you ever need anybody to lend support you can count on them. Well I guess that's not entirely true - not everybody counts the OG as something special & the population at the Z'cove (as we call it now) slowly dwindles...

I was complaining to Shoujie that putting us together in an OG was useless, especially evident from how many OGs are dead and that Io'ren is already dead. But he said that it's the bond between individual OG members that count more. Then I started to count the number of people from the OG I still converse with, which is a rather insignificant number. Or the number of people I still greet when we meet each other along corridors even. Not a lot I guess.

But one thing I know of is that Io'ren was and still is special to me. I really felt at home and enjoyed my first week in RJC and for that I have Io'ren to thank.


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